In TickTech we believe that we can do everything through automation and innovation. Therefore, we have developed our products and modules so as to meet your needs, enhance your efforts and result in maximum customers’ satisfaction.

Multichannel Campaign Management

We orchestrate customer engagements and marketing content to individuals and segments across multiple channels able to deliver "engagements" in near real-time . Channels may include website, email, mobile app, social, programmatic advertising, call centers and direct mail.

Customer Journey Manager

Customer Journey Manager is the marketing center of our platform – it is integrated into UMS and allows us to create gamification user flow to integrated products, control engagement flows and analyse data

The Big Data - Making Decisions in real time based on huge amount of Data.

By infusing Big Data analytics with psychological insights, we can understand customers better than ever before. Real time data processing in big scales requires deep understanding of available technologies, capabilities, cost and capacity.

Multi Product Accounting System & Clearing System (PCI)

We've created a totally independent accounting module that is managing funds to users (wallets), operating brands and integrated products. Users in the same brand can enjoy easy funds migration between products and users in the same brands. Our clearing module is PCI DSS certified.

Academy - Integrating Courses, Lessons, Quizzes & Certificates into a Product

We've developed a unique academy product that allows product operators to create unique experience/interaction with users via sources and lessons, letting then earn certificates and progress into the defined journey.

Marketing - Comprehensive Marketing configurations for Platform and Products

Since marketing is the main focus of our company, we've developed comprehensive set of tools to manage those, starting from Deals definitions with advertisers and finishing with destination product behaviours based on traffic sources...

Exchange Engine Product - a fully integrated Product

One of ours in-house products is Exchange Engine a comprehensive trading platform including orders matching, risk management, financial / stock charts, trading groups and more...

A Data-Driven Marketing Platform

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