We are constantly improving our services and evaluating new advanced technologies in order to make sure that we offer the best possible solutions available on the market. The main tools and frameworks that we employ are listed below. They enable us to achieve the maximum results in terms of performance, capacity and productivity.


In TickTech all our servers are written in Java and in most cases are custom implementations of servers instead of the shelf products. Our team is experienced and passionate about Java and we know exactly how to meet product needs and implement our services accordingly.


We love it for its Deployment Speed, Security, Flexibility, Scalability and Reliability. All our servers are hosted in Amazon, and we at Ticktech also use many Amazon services in order to deliver solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

With nifi we could speedup development of data processing logic and keep it clear at the same time. Its flow-based programming makes it easy to use and learn. It is highly scalable, agile, flexible, durable, and resilient.

Apache Kafka is our main messaging bus in the platform, using Kafka makes our lives simple when it's about to sending data/messages between servers reliably and fast.

Aside from been in-memory computing platform (data grid) that boosts performance, easy scalable and redundant, it also adds SQL queries and ACID compliance, we love it! Been able to run SQL queries in live production data that is in memory, not only for operational needs but also for troubleshooting significantly helps us to maintain the system.

Hazelcast is our old Friend, our team members have been using it for years and gain huge experience in operating clustered production systems where every change should be considered N times before it moves to production.

We love Akka because it gives us huge flexibility when we need to manage many threads in one JVM with less resources consumed an greater flexibility.

Postgre slowly became our favourite relational database solution. From simple instance running in production we evolved to a network for clusters. It works, performs, delivers and it's free so why not?

As Hazelcast, mongoDB is an old friend that keeps on helping us where others can't or shouldn't.

We've chosen Goole BigQuery as our main "big" data storage. Every event that platform collects ends up in BigQuery where later is processed by BI and other Analytical tools.

 Jenkins has become a standard for managing the dev side of devops, from source code management to delivering code to production, running automated tests and manages AWS setup.

Our devops team hates repetitive work, Ansible loves it. With Ansible, devops team could automate full deployment process and establish new environment in minutes.

The toolkit that React developers use is remarkable. We've have great developer tools, community and support. The results are amazing, we liked it so much that decided to implement our back office using React as well.

We love Selenium because of the very dynamic developer community, Java support, easy integration to our echo and integration with open source frameworks like TestNG, JUnit, ...

BigData - two lines will not be enough to explain but still data is a core of our platform, every member of our team is in some way related to data generation, processing or consumption. Data is everywhere, it's complex, it's interesting and it's an asset we love to "play" with.

A Data-Driven Marketing Platform

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